It’s Happening! Trump Just Drained HUGE Cesspool Of Corruption With MASS Firings Where It Was Needed Most!

This rabbit hole filled with cesspool swamp water runs deeper than you’d think. It’s being drained and hopefully refilled with some sparkly fresh spring water equivalents of employees.

We’ve received an article that gives tons of information about the corruption at the VA and talks about who did what and who got fired.


Let’s dive in and descend a little bit at a time…

VA Hospital CEO, DeWayne Hamlin, who offered an employee $305,000 to quit after she played a role in exposing his drug arrest, was fired.

You’re exposed for having a drug arrest and think it’s OK to offer someone $305,000 to quit their job? For one, I would’ve taken the money. However, I know that later in life it will be exposed that I took the money and I’d have to return it. Unless it was his money. If it was his money, then I’d take it. And I would go far away and find a new job. Where I’m from, that’s the equivalent of working about six years at $50,000. Why would I ever say no to that? Why would he ever offer that? If I were him, I’d own up to my arrest and deal with it. If you’re the CEO and you make a mistake, then oh well. It’s not the end of the world. As long as you’re not turning into a drug addict like the late Canadian Mayor, Rob Ford, then you’re OK. However, further reports state he had a lame work ethic and retaliated on whistleblowers. Sounds like he just wasn’t the guy for the job and it spun wildly out of control. Bye Felicia.

Paperwork reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation shows that bosses openly told Rosayma Lopez that she was being fired for refusing to fabricate a reason to fire another employee, Joseph Colon, after he exposed that Hamlin had been arrested at 3 a.m. in Florida on suspicion of drunk driving while in possession of pills for which he had no prescription. Diversion of opiates from VA facilities is a major issue. After ethics officials blocked that firing, he attempted to pay her to quit using $305,000 of taxpayer money, which would have been the largest settlement in recent VA history. She refused the money.

How do you get fired for not firing someone? Why doesn’t the person who fired YOU, just fire THEM instead? Again, who refuses a $305,000 settlement. You can buy one-third of an Obama Hawaii vacation with that money. Notice, you can’t buy the whole trip with that amount of cash. That’s how much tax payer money Obama wasted on a single trip.

The other person fired recently is a woman who took part in an armed robbery, then kept her job while she was in jail, and continued to work in the hospital’s security office while wearing an ankle bracelet.After The DCNF broke the story, administrators told Congress it wasn’t true and Elizabeth Rivera Rivera had been fired, before backtracking and claiming that it was impossible to fire employees for off-duty crimes.Outside lawyers ridiculed this explanation, and spokesmen at the time would not say why she wasn’t simply fired for missing work because she was in jail.She was suddenly fired Tuesday for misconduct, including being absent without leave and failing to disclose other arrests on her job application, which her background check apparently did not catch.

That is too funny to be true. That has to be part of a reality television show. She took part in an armed robber and worked from a hospital security office in the slammer. I can’t lie. That’s actually awesome. I’m impressed. You really can’t blame this woman for going to jail and still working. However, the armed robbery part is a little concerning.

The hospital has numerous other felons on staff in positions where that background is relevant, and the hospital has simply ignored questions about why. The precedent set this week may suggest that their backgrounds may finally be considered by the VA.Among them, Tito Santiago Martinez, a human resources official in charge of hiring and disciplining at the facility, is a convicted sex offender who said “there’s no children in [the hospital], so they figure I could not harm anyone here.” The employees union uses his status as leverage to keep rank-and-file employees who run into trouble with the law on the job.

Sounds like a major scumbag who should not have been hired. Fire him immediately and also eradicate that union. There are some very good unions in this country, but any union who would protect a sex offender should be ashamed of themselves. It’s OK for unions to stand up for workers rights, but to protect a sex offender makes you the lowest form of life in town. If you’re going to protect a union member who punched his neighbor, because his neighbor attacked his wife – that’s OK. At least that was an admirable punch. No union should ever protect a sex offender, and if they do, that union is vile and disgusting.

Braxton Linton is a high-level manager in charge of buying prosthetics such as hearing aids, often with government-issued credit cards. He was hired just weeks after release from federal prison for stealing $70,000 using credit card info he lifted from his previous employer. He also been arrested on drug charges while working for the VA, and it is unclear whether he disclosed those arrests to his employer.

Who the heck is in charge of hiring here? I don’t care if a guy was caught stealing $7 with stolen credit card info from his previous job. What lesson did he really learn? If it’s too easy to steal, then he might do it again. Whoever hired him should be fired too.

Past criminal behavior has been shown to be a predictor of future conduct. In 2011 the hospital also hired a man who had a criminal record for illegal firearms in 2007. Last year he was killed in a shootout suspected to be related to drug dealing. He was carrying his own illegal gun again, but didn’t manage to fire first.

Human resources sure are doing a bang bang job, aren’t they?

In December, Sen. Jeff Flake introduced a bill requiring the VA to stop hiring felons, and to fire the ones that already work there. The American Federation of Government Employees union has refused to say publicly whether it opposes the bill.During the Obama administration, eleven sex offenders listed the Detroit VA hospital alone as their work address; some of them were fugitives wanted by local police, but the VA cited employee privacy.Rapists and kidnappers also work at nearby hospitals. An Ohio VA employee, Antoine Hall, was convicted of creating pornography depicting a 13-year old in 2014. Hall is wearing a VA badge around his neck in the sex offender registry picture, meaning he was still going to work after being sentenced, and even received a bonus in 2015.

Hiring people who don’t care about people, to care about people. That sounds totally right. I’m in the wrong job. If anyone needs a guy to do their hiring, and pick all the worst people for the job, then here I am folks! Why am I writing articles about this? I can hire people with bad records. Hey, have you molested anyone today? Yeah? YOU’RE HIRED! How about you sir, did you rob anyone today? You did? YOU’RE HIRED!

Ralph Wood was convicted of child molesting in 2006 and sentenced to five years in prison, with three years suspended. He was released in 2008 and almost immediately began working at the Indianapolis VA hospital as a clerk. David Allison was convicted of child molesting in 2007 and began working in “medical support assistance” in 2010. His five-year prison term was suspended, but he was likely still on probation.

His probation should include being raped on a daily basis. His needle in the haystack is that at least he isn’t in prison getting raped more than once. Prisoners don’t like child molesters. You lay your hands on a child, then the prisoners are going to lay their something else IN you.


I can’t believe this many corrupt people were corruptly hired for jobs that they have no business being in or around. No wonder the VA is miserable to deal with. Our soldiers deserve the best treatment our country can provide.

You or I would’ve been fired a long time ago for any of this nonsense.

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At least your money would be well spent.

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