BREAKING: Trump Just Busted CNN in BIGGEST Media Scandal in American History!

CNN just can’t seem to get it straight. Their standards are 6 ft under, and their moral compasses are completely broken. Now there are reports that they have totally fabricated a story to report. A story about Trump meeting the Secret Service.

Back in August, CNN released an article stating that Donald Trump was forced to attend a meeting with the Secret Service after his comments on the 2nd Amendment voters being the one to stop Hillary.

To their surprise I’m sure, Trump responded. Not even an hour after this report had posted, he put up a statement on Twitter, slapping CNN in the face for their crumbling news network of lies.

Why wouldn’t he? CNN is suppose to be a new reporting network. Even if their heads are up Hillary’s butt so far they can’t tell right from wrong anymore…they should still have the dignity left to fact check their stories before reporting them. Right?

They are incapable of that much apparently.

They have now completely destroyed any remaining thoughts of them still being a credible source of news, and it’s all their own fault.

So you have two options at this point. You can trust a straight shooter like Donald Trump who knows what he did and did not say, or you can trust the liars over at CNN and their anonymous “Secret Service Official” who leaked the information to them. (H/T – Red State Watcher)

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