After Trump-Hating Idiot Megyn Kelly Leaves FOX, 4 AWESOME Pro-Trump Women Battling For Her Position

New York Magazine as well as the rest of the mainstream media has reported that reporter and journalist Megyn Kelly is departing her anchor position on Fox News and heading over to NBC. Rumors indicate the cable network is looking to replace Kelly with another female host who is pro-Trump. All so that the network can align with the new Trump administration.

Another rumor that is swirling is that Kelly asked Rupert Murdock for $25 million late in the negotiation discussion which he understandably balked at. Her departure from Fox News is an indicator of her unhappiness at Fox News following her high profile feud with Donald Trump as well as the sexual assault allegations she leveled at Roger Ailes.

A anonymous insider noted that Bill O’Reilly hated her and that her relationship with him as well as Sean Hannity was contentious at best. The pay negotiations and talks dragged on throughout her book tour as things became more strained between Kelly and Murdoch.

However, a Kelly insider said that Kelly had never asked for a specific dollar amount and that $25 million is what had been offered all along. Staffers within the network are now speculating over who will replace the reporter. People are leaning towards the idea another woman will fill Kelly’s 9 p.m. slot. Some of the internal contenders include Trish Regan, Shannon Bream, Sandra Smith, and Martha MacCallum. While not being considered currently, it is rumored that Kimberly Guilfoyle is lobbying for the job as well.

The one thing that is undisputed is that the woman who replaces Kelly will be a pro-Trump, staunch conservative. After Ailes was ousted over the allegations of sexual assault, media observers are arguing that Fox CEO James Murdoch wants to re-position Fox to the center and align it with his political viewpoints.

But if they are looking for a staunchly conservative pro-Trump woman to replace Megyn Kelly then it would appear they are looking to double down on right wing politics and cement themselves firmly as conservative news.

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