Trump Just Made Shocking Announcement About Melania That Left Reporter’s Jaw On The Floor

Every liberal celebrity and their mother are publicly voicing their opposition to Donald Trump – as if anyone cares about their opinion. Personally, I think that many of those celebrities are simply looking to profit of the angst of their anti-Trump fans, and voicing opposition to The Donald is just free advertising to them.

Take fashion designer Tom Ford as an example. Have you ever heard of the man before? If you’re like me, there’s a good chance that you sure as hell haven’t. So for him, any media attention is better than none. Sure, people like me aren’t going to buy from him – but I wasn’t ever going to because I didn’t know who he was before.

He went on The View to state that he wouldn’t be dressing Melania Trump because she’s, “not necessarily my image.” But here’s the thing… she never ASKED to be dressed by him!

On Tuesday, Trump went on Hannity to diss those refusing to dress Melania – and dropped a truth bomb on him.


“Steve Wynn just called me and he thought it was so terrible what Tom Ford said that he threw his clothing out of his Las Vegas hotel.”

Yup – so Trump doesn’t even like the guy’s designs…. and his little stunt here is ALREADY costing him!

This pretty much exposes him as a liar that proves all he wanted is free attention. I’d say I’m boycotting the guy, but that doesn’t really require me to do anything different than what I’m doing right now.

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