BREAKING: Trump ARRESTS Powerful Mexican Official In SHOCKING Move!

President Trump made it clear from the beginning of his campaign he would not sit around and let Mexico take advantage of the United States anymore. Now Mexico is pissed because they are being held accountable. Mexico isn’t going to like what the administration has done now. At the beginning of March, U.S. Customs and Border Protection sent agents to arrest forty-six-year-old Edgar Veytia.

He is a high profile attorney general for the Mexican state of Nayarit who is now charged with the crimes of smuggling marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. Not only that he is charged with intent to distribute.

On March 2nd he was arraigned in the U.S.District Court in Eastern New York. Ironically he went to war in his coastal town that borders the United States and vociferously denounced his town becoming a narco-state based on drug cartels. Yet he is now charged with drug offenses.

The attorney general once said,

“Nayarit is not fertile ground for law-breaking. Here, there is no room for organized crime.”

His crimes span all the way back to 2012 when he served as an assistant attorney general. The multi-billion dollar drug industry in Mexico makes it very profitable to break the law as he does. If we cannot even trust the highest officials in Mexico why on earth would we trust the average joe to emigrate to our country?

The President is right to be wary and it does not make him a racist or a bigot to be concerned. It is smart. Mexico had this arrest coming and it only proved the President right. Mexico is dangerous and is failing as a state. We have a not so friendly neighbor we need to watch our backs against.

This new administration in the White House will ensure our safety. Because he isn’t afraid to go head to head with Mexican officials. As well he shouldn’t.

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