Trump Fires Back And SHOCKS Everyone After Michelle Obama Says America Has No Hope Under Trump!

President-elect Donald Trump gave the perfect presidential response to Michelle Obama’s comments that America has lost all hope now that Obama is leaving office. I would not have been so charitable or forgiving. America, in fact, feels the exact opposite of what Michelle claimed in her interview with Oprah Winfrey. We feel massive hope now that Obama is leaving and Trump is on his way in. Hope for our future, that we once again can become the greatest and most powerful nation on earth.

Mooch also chided Americans and told them they needed to grow up. She just doesn’t get it… she’s the one acting like a whiny brat throwing a tantrum on the floor. We get it. We know that Trump has what it takes to bring jobs and manufacturing back to this country. He’s already won the respect of our enemies and allies abroad. And he has promised on day one to nix 200 of Obama’s Marxist regulations and to go after thousands more. We know he will restore the rule of law and secure our borders. We get it… we just want the Obamas gone.

From Young Conservatives:

Michelle Obama recently had some sort of mental breakdown during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, claiming Americans now feel hopeless because Barack is leaving office.


Really, she meant there’s ‘no hope’ left since Donald Trump is taking office.

I guess she’s not too hip to people having jobs and keeping more money in their pockets.

A true leftist at heart.

From BizPac Review:

While speaking at a “Thank You” rally Saturday in Mobile, Alabama, President-elect Donald Trump responded to first lady Michelle Obama’s “no hope” assessment of his presidency.

“Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like, you know?” Obama said.

Here’s Trump’s response…

“I actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out. I really do,” he explained. “Because I met with President Obama and Michelle Obama in the White House, my wife was there — she could not have been nicer. I honestly believe she meant that statement in a different way than it came out.”

We all know that Michelle meant exactly what she said. Trump was being kind and maybe a bit tongue-in-cheek by saying it must have come out wrong. No… it’s just sour grapes, fear and hate speaking. Donald Trump was very presidential in his speech. He is calling for all of us to come together under his presidency and I for one am willing to work on that.

Despite what Trump’s critics say, he is capable of pivoting to a more presidential posture. You see it here in this speech. I suspect that Trump knows all too well the Obamas are snakes, but he is taking the high road here. This is why he is the real hope that Americans have held onto for two terms under the likes of Barack Obama. Tomorrow, the Electoral College will formally elect Trump. And on January 20th, our long nightmare will end. Here’s to new beginnings.

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