Trump Just Gave Our Military Their ‘STUFF’ Back And Unleashed Them On Muslim Terrorists With DEVASTATING RESULTS!

President Trump has called in his first military strike in Yemen, reports say. The US raid managed to kill 41 suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists. The terrorist organization is claiming that 16 civilians were caught in the crossfire, but offered no proof of the claim.

Even if true, that’s how war goes.


The raid took place in Yakla district, located in the central province of Baida, according to an unnamed sourced. The bombing came at dawn, and the civilians who were killed were 8 women and 8 children. US forces received intelligence that three Al-Qaeda-friendly tribal chiefs were located in some of the buildings in the village, and these three happened to be brothers.

One source claimed that when the US Apache attack helicopters came, it struck a mosque, a school, and a hospital…but the source also claimed that terrorists had occupied these buildings as a way to use the innocent civilians as shields, much like Nazi Germany did to the French during World War 2.

It didn’t work.


The raid targeted the three locations where the tribal chiefs were, and took them out. Some information has also been released, saying that US special operations also participated in the raid, although that information couldn’t be substantiated.

The three Al-Qaeda terrorists that were killed in the attack were thought to be brothers Abdulraouf, Sultan al-Zahab, and Saif Alawai al-Jawfi. These three had strong links to the terrorist group, as well as their two other brothers, who were previously targeted and taken out by drone strikes.

Officials were surprised to find out that Abu Barazan, a foreigner in the region, and another Al-Qaeda operative was also killed in the attack.

Under the watch of Barack Obama, the United States actually increased its use of drone strikes drastically. Trump has continued the fight against terror, but this time, there is no fooling around, and going off half-cocked. We are still at war, and the bureaucrats and red tape brigade are out.

Let the fighters do the fighting.

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