PAYBACK TIME! Trump Mocks The Media Claiming He Had No Path To Victory (VIDEO)

This election, what many of us already knew about the media was confirmed for everyone else: that they’re wrong about everything.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy, and we were told that he wasn’t serious about it at all. He remained in the race, and began picking off his competitors one by one…. and we were told that he’d never win the nomination. After winning the nomination, we were then told he’d never win the presidency! After all, polls showing hypothetical head to heads during the primary constantly showed that Trump was one of the few Republican candidates who wouldn’t beat Hillary in a head to head. Those were wrong too.

If Michael Moore has ever been right about anything, it was his contrarian prediction that Trump would be winning. In his words, it would be the biggest “f**k you” to the media we’d ever see, and “it’ll feel good.” No kidding.

I doubt no one feels better than Trump however, who knew all along that he’d be spiting the media and the establishment in the end. For your entertainment, here are most of those predictions that were DEAD wrong…

As Truthfeed reported:

Trump has been detailing his wins state by state as he travels around the country on his “thank you” tour, which he continued in Orlando.

On Friday he delivered a particularly colorful retelling of how election night progressed, mocking the media for predicting a win for Hillary Clinton.

As Trump, flanked by nearly 20 Christmas trees, went through the timeline of him winning several states early on in the night, the president-elect said the media were in a “state of panic.”

“Now they’re getting nervous on television, and you see these anchors they’re like sweating and crying and throwing up all over the place,” Trump said, claiming that John King’s hand was beginning to shake as he updated CNN’s election night map. “All those months he’s saying there is no path to 270 for Donald Trump.”

Watch below:

Here’s a whole compilation:

You probably noticed some Republican “experts” in there too predicting that Trump could never win. The Republican establishment AND he Democrat establishment were both in the tank for Hillary, and thank God they were all wrong.

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