Trump SHOCKS With What He Did Immediately After Finding Out A Navy SEAL Was Killed By Muslims On His Watch

President Trump loves our Military. He truly cares about each soldier who is fighting to keep America a safe and free nation. Our Commander-in-Chief took time recently to honor the first fallen service member under his leadership since he took office a few short weeks ago.

President Trump called the family of Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens over the weekend, giving his condolences and giving thanks for the family’s sacrifice. Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens was a member of Navy Seal Team 6 over serving in Yemen at the time of his death.

On Tuesday White House press secretary Sean Spicer briefed the press of the phone conversation President Trump had with Owen’s family. “President Trump had a very somber and lengthy conversation with the family”. “The president offered his sincerest condolences to Officer Owens’ wife, his father and their three children.”

Officer William Ryan Owens, 36, who is from Peoria, Ill. was the first soldier to give his life in battle since Trump became commander-in-chief. He lost his life in the most heroic way. Officer Owens was part of a SEAL team carrying out a successful raid against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The raid resulted in the deaths of 14 members of the terrorist group (three were senior leaders) and the recovery of useful intelligence data that could aid in thwarting future attacks. The raid was a two-hour gunfight, Owens fought bravely, but sadly died of wounds sustained on the battlefield.

Defense Secretary James Mattis released a touching statement on Monday of the soldier Owen’s was. He said…“Ryan gave his full measure for our nation, and in performing his duty, he upheld the noblest standard of military service. The United States would not long exist were it not for the selfless commitment of such warriors.”

President Trump released a statement on Sunday, saying… “Americans are saddened this morning with news that a life of a heroic service member has been taken in our fight against the evil of radical Islamic terrorism. My deepest thoughts and humblest prayers are with the family of this fallen service member.”

Our hearts go out to Owen’s family and we feel great pride that our Commander-in-Chief actually honors our fallen service members unlike the former president who sympathized with Islamic terror scum.

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