HE’S DOING IT!! Trump To Sign Brand New Executive Order On Immigration And Will Re-Instate Key Part Of Ban!

Just a few days ago, the left dealt President Trump a devastating blow. Liberal judges in the 9th Circuit Court ruled to uphold the stay on Trump’s temporary restriction on immigration. I guess these intellectual giants in California forgot that they are foreigners and aren’t afforded constitutional rights, but I digress. At any rate, while the left celebrated their “win” Trump has drafted another order, which will have these snowflakes melting.

Even before the 9th Circuit Court blocked the travel ban, Trump was already working on revisions on the hotly debated order. Trump is no one’s fool, and already had his lawyers busy rewriting the key parts that could pass legal muster.

“The unfortunate part is that it takes time statutorily … we’ll win that battle,” Trump said. “But we also have a lot of other options, including just filing a brand new order on Monday.” When asked what changes could be made if a new order were issued, the president replied, “very little.”

Trump and his legal team are not stopping with just rewriting the order either. Trump is 100% focused on keeping America safe, and his legal team truly believes that eventually his executive order will be proven correct. Trump’s team is looking into several options, including continuing the court battle as well as signing a new immigration executive order “very soon.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told NBC News late Friday that “every option is on the table,” including taking the current case to the Supreme Court.

This is excellent news for Americans and is exactly the reason that Trump was elected. We are sick and tired of judicial activism and liberal asshats pushing their politically correct agenda onto us. Liberals would rather put American lives at risk than appear intolerant to the world.

The president of the United States is to protect his citizens from harm, and if that means that some people may be inconvenienced then so be it. In the long run, all that matters is protecting the country from those that want to harm, and after 8 years of Obama, we have a lot of work to do.

What do you think about Trump’s new order?

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]

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