BREAKING: Trump Just Received GREATEST NEWS Of His Presidency Today – Look At What Just Happened!

Many of our famous friends over on the left coast have taken it upon themselves to bestow upon us little people their infinite wisdom about politics. It’s unclear what makes them qualified to talk about economics or the political climate considering it’s their jobs to lie for a living, but maybe that’s what makes it feel like home to them.

Liberals proposed policies on economics and immigration show just how out of touch with everyday America they are. Obviously, anyone who thinks that money should be an issue for food, housing and education is someone to whom money isn’t an issue. And while accepting illegal immigrants sounds great if you’ve got a full-time bodyguard, those of us taking our hard earned dollars down to Walmart with a few kids and a sale paper in hand feel very differently about it.

One such out of touch blowhard is the ever level-headed Alec Baldwin. According to Breitbart, the Boss Baby actor said that he would enter politics if only to offer “something different” to the American people.

“I would love to run for office because I think people need something different,” Baldwin said, adding, “I think that all the people that are on deck in 2020, none of them are going to win.”

“None of those people are going to beat [Trump],” the 59-year-old star continued. “You think things are bad now; I tell you when things are going to be worse, if he wins again.”

To be clear, Baldwin, who has spent months playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, ruled out adding himself to the ballet: “We’re not going to do that.”

It must be really nice to get to run your hypothetical country from the stage of Saturday Night Live. And then to have the whole of the DNC fawn over your theatrically blown out of proportion portrayal of the leader of the free world. Many actors and actresses make their living just because they hit the genetic jackpot, but Baldwin does that in a way only a twisted comedian can, using his God-given looks to make fun of someone who promised to do good, and is fulfilling that promise as best he can.

No matter how firmly behind the Trump administration we are, I think we can all agree that it shouldn’t be taken as an opening of the floodgates to people from other sectors, especially entertainment,  that think they’d make a great POTUS. Let’s just chalk Reagan up to a fluke and not let the glitz and glamor of Hollywood obscure the sight of what most of these limousine liberals are; all show and no substance.

Also, even if Baldwin did run, Trump would destroy him just like he did all the others in the primary & general. Trump’s laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

(Source: Breitbart)

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