Trump Just Got HUGE News That He Wasn’t Expecting – This Is Going To Change America For Years To Come

The first one hundred days of the President’s term have finished. In his time in office, he had maintained his loyal base of supporters while gaining some more support from those who view him as a strong leader. Many are very satisfied with the job he has done combatting radical Islamic terrorism and pressuring companies to keep jobs in the United States. People are excited to see the economy doing better than ever in over fifteen years.

A new ABC News poll showed that the majority of Americans feel the media purposefully publishes false stories. A total of eighty percent feels this is the case. Seventy-six percent of the President’s supporters feel that he is honest. A whopping eighty-four percent of his supporters feel that he has upheld his legislative campaign trail promises. Showing that his support is doing better than ever. A recent Pew Research poll showed his support at fifty percent, a peak for him thus far.

However, the Washington Post reported it currently stands at forty-two percent. For overall support by those who voted for him, the President is raking in a ninety-four percent approval rating!!! Ninety-six percent of those people who voted for him feel they made the right decision and are not regretful of what they did. All of them said they would vote for him again.

Fifty-four percent of those polled said he has the right to travel to his hotels if he so chooses. These statistics prove that the President is doing better than ever in the eyes of his supporters and his loyal base of followers. Despite liberal narratives that he is doing poorly. His supporters can clearly see how well he is doing in the Oval Office.

He dropped the largest artillery bomb in Afghanistan and has ordered special operative operations to defeat ISIS. The President dropped fifty-nine tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase that dropped chemical weapons on their own people. He spearheaded health care reform before ultimately being betrayed by Congressional Republicans. He implemented his travel ban order as well as rolled back the Clean Power Plan initiative and the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline initiative halt. All of which were taking jobs out of American households and strangling middle-class Americans.

In reference to her bosses first one hundred days Kellyanne Conway said the following,

“Justice Neil M. Gorsuch sits on the Supreme Court. Illegal border crossings are at a 17-year low. U.S. exports have spiked to a two-year high. A recent study found that 89 percent of the broadcast media’s coverage of President Trump has been negative, even as objective measures indicate that Americans are feeling extraordinarily optimistic with President Trump at the helm. Yet most Americans discern the difference between news and noise, and they want their country – and their President – to succeed.

In three short months, President Trump has delivered on his vow to the forgotten men and women of America to upend a swamp-like system that favors special interests and the powerful.”

The President even told the Associated Press,

““I’ve done a lot. I’ve done more than any other president in the first 100 days. The foundations have been set to do some great things.”

The White House Chief of Staff said,

“He’s accomplished so many of his goals. I know there are narratives out there that say otherwise. But we look at it and see a president working at breakneck speed, somebody who is going as fast as he can within the confines of the law running through that punch list of promises that he made during the campaign.”

Everyone has got good things to say except the mainstream liberal media. But that is to be to expected. The best is yet to come and most people understand that.

The people can see how bright the future is based on what the President has achieved thus far in his presidency. They know that so much more is to come and their opinions are likely reflective of how they feel the future will turn out as well. The President should be proud at how the public feels about him. Nobody was expecting him to do this well and he is.

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