BREAKING: Look What Trump Just Sent To North Korea Showing Kim Jong Not To ‘F’ With America!

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un conducted another missile test this past weekend, despite President Donald Trump making it very clear previously that the United States will take decisive action if they conducted any of missile tests.

As reported by Fox News:

U.S. military believes Pyongyang launched a KN-17 medium-range ballistic missile – the first successful test in four attempts for the Pyongyang regime. The missile flew for four minutes longer than any previous ballistic missile test in the history of the communist regime, U.S. officials said. 

The KN-17 is a single-stage, liquid-fueled missile — not the three stage, solid-fuel missile that North Korea successfully tested back in February, which caused more concern among Pentagon officials.

The missile flew for half an hour and reached an unusually high altitude before landing in the Sea of Japan, the South Korean, Japanese and U.S. militaries said.

Trump already proved that he is unafraid to respond to threats. Just a few months ago, not only did he drop the “Mother of all Bombs” on ISIS in Afghanistan, he also authorized 59 Tomahawk missiles to destroy an airbase in Syria used to drop chemical weapons on civilians.

So the big question is how will president Trump and the United States respond to this threat? The Daily Mail reports the early actions of president Trump.

A state-of-the-art navy vessel designed to intercept ballistic missiles is set to be tested later this month. The MV Pacific Collector is being used to gather telemetry data for a new missile defense system. 

The new technology detects the missile via GPS and shoots out a vehicle which smashes into a warhead in mid-flight to disable it. Known as ground-based mid-course defense, the ship is in port at Aloha Tower in Hawaii for a key upcoming ballistic missile defense test.

The news comes as North Korea test-launched a ballistic missile that flew for half an hour and reached an altitude of 1,240 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan – a flight pattern that could indicate a new type of missile. The ship, measuring 393 feet long and housing 24-foot antennas, will be used in support of missions from the US Missile Defense Agency missions, reported the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Spokesman Chris Johnson confirmed that the next flight intercept test is slated to begin towards the end of May. The test will not only be the first time a ground-based missile interceptor has launched from California, but it will be the first time that an intercontinental ballistic missile is on its way from the Pacific.

Given that North Korea continues to test fire missiles rapidly, the new technology will be able to determine if upgrades are needed. Admiral Harry Harris, head of US Pacific Command, sent a bone-chilling warning to Congress, where he argued that Kim Jong Un is already in a position to threaten the peace and security of Hawaii today, and that they will soon be able to launch nuclear missiles anywhere in the United States if the threat is not detained immediately.

As the Admiral pointed out, the Obama administration said the MV Pacific Collector had a “low reliability” rating in December of 2016. As many that serve this country reiterate, we cannot allow countries with dictators to become more powerful without strengthening our own systems at home.

“The ground-based system has a record of nine out of 17 successful intercepts since 1999, or a 53 percent success rate. During a flight test conducted in January 2016, a defensive missile fired from California zeroed locked on a target missile launched from a C-17 cargo plane west of Hawaii,” according to the Daily Mail.

In addition to the Trump administration making it clear that our ships will use as many missiles as it takes to eliminate any threat from North Korea, they also announced that many sanctions will be administered on North Korea that will be crippling to their already struggling economy.

The time for restraint and talks are over. No one is advocating for war, but the United States cannot allow this tyrant to continue making the world less safe. The North Korean dictatorship is not only a threat to the world, but their goal is to wipe the United States off the face of the earth.

The Obama administration allowed this problem to fester for eight long years, and it is just one more mess Trump will have to address very soon. We must work with whomever is willing and do whatever it takes to ensure they cannot launch another missile capable of reaching the United States.

Tough leadership is needed now more than ever, and Trump has proven he is unafraid to take decisive actions when they are crucial. Having formed a great relationship with China, both nations could use military force to destroy all of the testing sites and compounds that North Korea relies on as well as place strident sanctions on them that will cripple their economy. Like the Cold War strategy, we could isolate them and cut off all their funding.

Then they will learn Obama is no longer in charge, president Trump is!

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