Trump Notices Man’s SHOCKING T-Shirt…Instantly Brings Him Onstage

From CT

The media always says that billionaire businessman Donald Trump is against immigrants. However, what Trump did to a guy in a T-shirt at a rally this weekend in Illinois proved them all wrong.

Trump was at an event in Bloomington, Illinois, on Sunday when he saw a guy with a homemade T-shirt. He immediately knew he had to have him on stage.

The shirt’s message — “Legal Immigrant for Trump” — was drawn onto the white T-shirt with what looked to be black marker. Trump acknowledged it as he talked about immigration.

“We want people to come in, but they’ve got to come in like you — legally!” he said, pointing at the man.

Trump then beckoned him up on stage.

“Bring him up,” Trump said, then referencing a scary incident where a protester tried to jump him at an event. “He knows if he makes a move he’s gonna get clobbered by these guys. Did you see these guys take the guys down yesterday?”

“I’m here because I’m agitated that the media doesn’t separate legal immigration from illegal,” the man in the T-shirt said, addressing Trump. “You do support immigration.”

Illinois has long been a destination for Latino immigrants, and if he hopes to win the state, he’s going to have to count on their vote.

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