Trump Just Exposed Who Obama SECRETLY Gave $400,000 To As He Walked Out The Door And It’s BAD!

Trump and his team have exposed a very dirty secret that Obama kept as he left the White House. Most of us didn’t know this, but Obama covertly dealt $400,000 to a hate group whose main goal is to overthrow the Trump administration.

This is the kind of story that you wish was fake news, but sorry – we’re not BuzzFeed or CNN!

Former President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) presented a $400,000 grant to “Life After Hate” and stated the money was for fighting radical Islam. Sure, we can give anyone money and say it’s for one thing, then they clearly use it for something else.

You can’t control the money once the check is cashed. DHS and Obama can claim anything they want and most people will believe them. You’re supposed to trust and believe your President, right?

January 13 is the day that Obama’s administration delivered $400,000 to Christian Picciolini and his possibly destructive hate group disguised as a non-hate group. If you’re trying to take down the President, then you’re not exactly a love group, catch my drift? That’s just my opinion. You can think otherwise if you like. Your decision.


Christian Picciolini, co-founder and chairman of the organization, has been more than just a vocal opponent of the current president, Donald Trump.

Picciolini has taken to social media platforms such as Twitter to make calls for action against Trump.

He has suggested the President be overthrown and has even accused the Republican of being a Nazi and implied advocacy for his death before the inauguration.

The DHS announced the grants in a press release on January 13, awarding grants to 31 different projects intended to “counter violent extremism.”

Below is a list of degrading tweets about President Trump from Picciolini, a man Obama believed to be deserving of the grant:

Picciolinni has roots in white supremacy. Maybe he’s a changed man now, but I don’t like that his action is geared towards overthrowing the American President. I believe his energy could be used for much better causes that promote positive unity instead of severing it with his anti-POTUS Twitter blasts.

I admire the guy’s honesty and not hiding from his past, but he’s going overboard with his distaste for Trump.

Maybe he hates Trump’s hair and the only reason he’s soooooo anti-POTUS is so he can sell a few copies of his book.

That’s like taking a page out of Trump’s Twitter guide. Post ridiculous things, get retweets/followers, and get free press.



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