Trump Has Been Quietly Doing One Thing Every Day Since Inauguration That Obama Didn’t Do In 8 Years

Comedian and Actor Steve Harvey had some praise to dish out about President Donald Trump this week.

In a very short interview conducted by TMZ this week, while coming out of a clothing store in Los Angeles, comedian Steve Harvey was asked by a TMZ reporter how he felt about President Trump. Harvey, in a dismissing demeanor towards the reporter, said, “I’VE BEEN WORKING WITH HUD. HE’S KEEPING HIS PROMISES!”

Harvey is working with secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, on improving inner cities.

Of course when he was asked if he was actually happy with the job President Trump was doing he replied, with a laugh, “I didn’t say that.” Because you know, President Trump isn’t African-American like Barrack Hussein Obama and it just wouldn’t go ever well if he praised. Especially in the liberal Hollywood circles Steve Harvey spends his time in. He’d probably never work again.

Watch the interview.

If you recall when President Trump was President-elect Trump for some unexplained reason he took the time to meet with many of these irrelevant so-called comedians and actors. My guess is he had a lot of time to spare back then, cause other than teaching him how to memorize lines, which he already does very well, there is no need to meet with these overpaid cry babies who throw temper tantrums at the first sight of not getting their way.

President Trump went as far as calling Steve Harvey, “My good friend,” after their January 13th meeting. This, of course, sparked all sorts of fake outrage from the rich liberal elite in the media and Hollyweird. It led to calling Harvey all kinds of names, including an “Uncle Tom.” Because you know, “Liberal Tolerance” reigns supreme and African Americans aren’t allowed to fraternize with those who they falsely perceive as being “The Enemy.” Meanwhile, liberal media darlings Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get filthy rich off playing the so-called “race card,” but have never done a damn thing to help the poor inner-city African American community.

The liberal elite will probably say Harvey made a mistake like when he announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015, but maybe someday they’ll see what all the rest of us “common folk” see in Donald Trump. He’s a man who’s keeping his promises.

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Jeff Rainforth contributed to this article.

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