BOMBSHELL – Trump Just Caught Obama Secretly Meeting With THIS Terrorist. Is It Treason?

Among one of the most disgusting actions Barack Obama took (and defended) during his presidency was signing off on the Iran Nuclear Deal.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Iran can’t be trusted. Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had publicly chanted “death to America” while the deal was being negotiated, which he tried to claim was just a “political statement.” It’s a political statement alright – and one that should’ve been the biggest red flag we’ve ever seen during a negotiation.

But despite all that, he signed off on the nuclear deal with Iran anyway, which they quickly violated. It didn’t take long for his administration to begin having concerns that Iran violated its international commitments by stockpiling too much nuclear-related material. Why did we trust them in the first place?

We know that Iran is the world’s largest State sponsor of terror. Their current system of government is the result of an Islamic revolution within their own country, and it’s no surprise they’d love to export such a system elsewhere.

And guess what? Obama has no trouble meeting with terrorist backers like those running Iran.

As Angry Patriot Movement reported:

Former President Obama met with two high-level officials from Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Seyed Mousavian and Trita Parsi, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Seyed Mousavian was both an Iranian diplomat and former head of the country’s national security council. He was at the White House three times during Obama’s presidency. Trita Parsi has been accused of lobbying on behalf of Tehran and was allowed to meet with Obama 33 times.

Trita Parsi is a staunch pro-Iran advocate who has been accused of hiding his ties to the Iranian government. Both Parsi and Mousavian allegedly helped create talking points and messaging which ultimately led to the Iran nuclear agreement.

Not only did Obama welcome the Iranian Islamic Republic leaders — he did so at key diplomatic moments. The visits, confirmed by White House visitor logs, seem to show Obama was reaching out to top pro-Iran advocates instead of them reaching out to him.

Think Donald Trump is going to be casually meeting with the leaders of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or a whole host of other State sponsors of terror? Hell no!

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