Trump Finally Had Enough of Obama And CALLED HIM OUT On Sabotaging Presidential Transition!

It seemed like Barack Obama might be able to play nice and act like an adult towards Donald Trump as they work together towards a transition between the two administrations. But it didn’t take long for Obama to revert back to the petty little toddler he is. And Trump? He has had enough.

Earlier this week, Trump called Obama out on social media, slamming him for intentionally making the transition as difficult as possible.

And he’s right — that’s exactly what Obama has been doing.

Trump was also furious over Obama’s treatment of Israel, and promised that better treatment would be coming soon.

Obama’s behavior has made it clear that he isn’t concerned about doing what is best for the country, but rather, is bitter and angry that the election didn’t produce the result he wanted. Obama is being spiteful, and in the process, he may very well start World War III.

January 20th cannot get here soon enough.

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