Trump Just Delivered Epic Punishment To Obama For Allowing Our Wounded Veterans Suffer For Years

President Trump just backhanded former President Obama by signing a legislation that expands a helpful program at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The program grants patients the permission to search for doctors on their own if they wish to avoid the horribly unorganized and chaotic system of the VA.

With all the nonsense going on surrounding the terribly managed VA, awful wait times, and terrible service overall – then wouldn’t you take this opportunity to search for your own doctor if you need to?

That sure doesn’t sound like something Mr. Barry Obammer would do. He wasn’t exactly the best friend to veterans. He ruled the country for eight years and the Department of Veterans Affairs has gone to complete and utter cow dung under his rule. Our veterans fought for freedom for our beloved country and we pay them back with that? No thanks! President Trump steps up for the veterans.

President Trump signed legislation Wednesday that will dramatically expand a program at the Department of Veterans Affairs that lets patients seek care from private doctors if they want to bypass the troubled VA system.

The Veterans Choice Improvement Act removes barriers that Congress placed around the original “choice” initiative and eliminates an expiration date that would have shuttered the program in August.

I thought Obama once said you can keep your doctor? Heck, under his administration, it seems like you couldn’t even chose you doctor. These doctors stick things in your body and take care of you, but you don’t get to choose who does it? Give me a break, Barry! Veterans should always have the choice of doctor they feel comfortable with. Some of the veterans came home from war needing serious care, the least we can do is allow them the freedom to choose their own doctor. Imagine fighting for freedom, then coming home and realizing that you don’t have any!

Veteran on the floor at a VA hospital

Lawmakers created the choice program in 2014 after a massive scandal involving wait time cover-ups at more than 100 VA facilities around the country. It was initially structured as a two-year pilot program that limited when and where veterans could choose to see private doctors. Patients could only use the choice program if they lived more than 40 miles from the nearest VA hospital or if they could not get an appointment from their local VA facility within 30 days.

The VA sucks and is run by people who shouldn’t be in charge of running things. It’s a disaster what they’re doing and how they’re treating people. Who is the idiot who came up with these stupid rules that won’t let a veteran get care in a quick and efficient manner? This is terrible by design and there’s no wonder why it fell to pieces over the last eight years.
The choice program has proven controversial since its inception three years ago. Critics have questioned whether increasing veterans’ reliance on private doctors might move the VA toward privatization, while proponents of such efforts have accused the VA of resisting steps to implement the program in order to protect the status quo.

Some veterans advocates, such as Concerned Veterans for America, praised the administration’s temporary push to extend choice but encouraged lawmakers to continue searching for solutions to the VA’s ongoing struggles with long wait times.

Two war veterans in wheelchairs in a park

Does it matter? The bottom line is that veterans get the best care possible. I don’t care if it’s privatized or not. This is people’s health that we’re talking about. If the VA could just do things right from the start, such as not sucking so bad, then maybe the VA wouldn’t be in such a controversial predicament. They did this to themselves by being a complete mess. When you screw up this bad, then other people get to step in and fix it.

“Extending the Choice Program is the right thing to do, but only as a stopgap measure until better solutions are developed and implemented,” said Dan Caldwell, policy director at CVA. “Reauthorizing the Choice Act buys Congress some time to work with Secretary [David] Shulkin on broader choice reforms that will truly empower veterans with the ability to seek care outside the VA when they want to.”

Can someone with a brain step in and tell everyone to shut up for a minute? These are AMERICAN VETERANS and they deserve the best health care we can provide. Stop being idiots at the VA and get these freedom fighters the treatment they worked for.

These folks fought for freedom and they’re being treated like terrorists.


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