Trump on his way to beating Ronald Reagan Record Democrats Are most afraid of

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Donald Trump, much as mainstream media paints him as discriminatory – primarily for his vow to slow the inflow of Muslims into America for counter-terrorism reasons – has a real chance of winning the black vote, said a couple of national pollsters.

“If he were the Republican nominee,” said pollster Frank Luntz, speaking of Trump’s popularity to Politico, “he would get the highest percentage of black votes since Ronald Reagan in 1980.”

Reagan, in 1980, earned 14 percent of minority voters’ support.

And Luntz, who cannot be dismissed as a Trump fan – the two actually engaged in a public back-and-forth at the start of the billionaire’s presidential campaign – said the GOP primary front-runner the liberals loved to slam as racist could actually echo Reagan’s history.

“They listen to him,” Luntz said, of minority voters. “They find him fascinating, and in all the groups I have done, I have found Obama voters — they could’ve voted for Obama twice, but if they’re African-American, they would consider Trump.”

He’s not the only pollster to say so – though the only one who would allow his name to be used in connection with such statements to Politico.

“[Trump] behaves in a way that most minorities would not expect a billionaire to behave,” the pollster, who requested anonymity, said to the news outlet. “He’s not a white-bread socialite kind of guy.”

Luntz angered Trump in August 2015 after allegedly telling attendees of a South Carolina fundraiser that the billionaire was “addicted” to attention and his style of politicking could harm the Republican Party.

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