Trump Attends ‘Heroes And Villains’ Party, Conway Dresses Up And Showed Hillary Who The Real Woman Is!

Pictures have flown through the internet of a themed costume party of “Heroes and Villains” for members of the Trump administration at the house of a very large donor. Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway went in full costume as Super Woman!

The big donor was the Mercer family in St. James, New York at the Long Island’s North Shore where the President Elect attended in a suit where he declared he dressed up as himself. When asked by a reporter who he dressed as he said, “me.” While Conway reported,

“A hero, all the way!”

While reporters asked him questions about his called with the Taiwanese president which was unprecedented he ignored the questions and did not answer them. Senior adviser Stephen Bannon also got out of his car to attend the event but was not dressed up either.

Robert Mercer, the man whose home they visited, is a billionaire and the co-chief executive of Renaissance Technologies hedge fund. His daughter Rebekah Mercer sits on the Trump administrations transition team.

Conway insisted she was honoring the ultimate hero in her costume and that the crowd was thrilled with surprise. She and the President Elect even took a picture together that night with his signature thumbs up.


Trump has always bean teased by the fact that he is depicted as a villain. Memes all over the internet depict him as Lord Voldermort from the Harry Potter series. Perhaps it is only fitting to celebrate their presidential win in a heroes and villains party.

It is alleged that the Mercer’s donated close to $20 million. When Trump was asked by journalists whether his lack of costume meant he was attending as a hero as a villain he ignored simply saying he was going as himself.

Either Conway was the only one who got the memo it was a costume party or the rest of them are absolute bores who do not know how to have a good time.

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