BREAKING: Trump Just Sent PAINFUL Payback To Mexico After They Tried To Screw Americans Over

Mexico wasn’t ready for Donald Trump.

For decades, they’ve been used to weak politicians who promise the world and deliver nothing. That’s what much it so hilarious to see the shock when they discovered that Trump, in fact, actually would be building the border wall he promised his whole campaign, and he’d still pressure Mexico to pay for it, regardless of how much they’ve said otherwise.

Current Mexican president Enrique Enrique Pena Nieto had a meeting with Trump scheduled on January 31st, but he canceled it yesterday following a number of executive orders Trump signed relating to illegal immigration on Wednesday.

Mexico strongly enforces their immigration laws. They are currently looking to build a wall on their border with Guatemala, and now are deporting more central American illegal aliens than we do. Their tune is only different in this regard because they want to gain at our expense.

Given how much Mexico depends on the US for their exports, we have much more bargaining power than they do when we sit down on the negotiation table. It looks like Mexico seems to think they actually have a chance to negotiate with The Donald, but that’s going to be a fatal mistake for them.

As the Conservative Tribune reported:

President Donald Trump will ask Congress to approve a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay for his planned wall on the United States’ southern border, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

The announced proposal came after Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto abruptly cancelled an upcoming meeting with Trump in response to several executive orders Trump has issued related to illegal immigration, including construction of the border wall, which Trump still insists will be eventually paid for by Mexico.

Trump has already shown during his first week as president that he is a man of action and not one to sit around waiting patiently for allies and rivals to get on board with his agenda — foreign or domestic. This move is just further proof that Trump wastes no time in getting things done.

There are a number of other ways Trump could put pressure on Mexico, too. According to the Washington Examiner, Mexicans legally and illegally in the United States send home over $24 billion a year, a ripe tax target to build President Trump’s wall.

Trump during the campaign suggested banning the payments and using them to build the wall in a “one-time payment” of some $10 billion. Others have suggested he would tax the payments. Even at the lowest 10 percent IRS tax rate, enough could be generated in Trump’s first term to complete the partially-built wall, or about $10 billion.

Another idea, this one from Trump’s campaign’s website, is to put a tax on visas. “Even a small increase in visa fees would pay for the wall. This includes fees on border crossing cards, of which more than 1 million are issued a year. The border-crossing card is also one of the greatest sources of illegal immigration into the United States, via overstays.

If Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall – they’re going to be WISHING they had done so.

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