Trump Just Pissed Off Millions Of Liberals With What He Refuses To Have In The White House For A Month

President Donald Trump has finally broken with tradition and not recognized June as the official LGBT Pride Month. OMG, How will we go on living?

His decision marks an end to both Clinton and Obama’s tradition of officially recognizing the month.

The Hill reports:

“While other members of Trump’s administration, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, issued statements marking the month, Trump’s White House never officially acknowledged it.

Former President Bill Clinton was the first to declare June as LGBT Pride month, but the tradition didn’t continue under former President George W. Bush. The White House began recognizing the month again during former President Barack Obama’s administration.

The absence is surprising in part because of Trump’s apparent support for some gay rights on the campaign trail. Last October, he posed with a rainbow flag in Colorado. In July, he promised a mostly conservative crowd that “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of the hateful, foreign ideology, believe me.“”

The sexual predator, President Bill Clinton first recognized it in 1999 in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots of late June 1969 as a way to deflect from his own issues with sex and interns in the oval office.

Wow, who would have thought Fidel Castro who had gays executed actually Marched in New York in 1969!

In a police raid during the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, at the reputed mafia owned Greenwich Village homosexual hangout “The Stonewall Inn” the second raid within a week, sparked off a two-hour melee as customers and villagers swarmed over the plainclothes cops. Before order could be restored, the cops were the targeted by having coins thrown at them, cobblestones and uprooted parking meters. Also, windows were smashed, a police van was nearly overturned and the

Before order could be restored, the police officers were targeted by having coins thrown at them, cobblestones, and uprooted parking meters. Also, windows were smashed, a police van was nearly overturned and the raided bar was fire-bombed it’s self. Because we all know there is no better way to secure social justice than to attack authority and vandalize a city. By the time all was said and done, three police officers suffered minor injuries and 13 people were arrested. Luckly the fire was quickly put out by the bar staff themselves.

History Reports:

The crime syndicate saw profit in catering to shunned gay clientele, and by the mid-1960s, the Genovese crime family controlled most Greenwich Village gay bars. In 1966, they purchased Stonewall Inn (a “straight” bar and restaurant), cheaply renovated it, and reopened it the next year as a gay bar.

Stonewall Inn was registered as a type of private “bottle bar,” which did not require a liquor license because patrons were supposed to bring their own liquor. Club attendees had to sign their names in a book upon entry to maintain the club’s false exclusivity. The Genovese family bribed New York’s Sixth Police Precinct to ignore the activities occurring within the club.

Without police interference, the crime family could cut costs how they saw fit: The club lacked a fire exit, running water behind the bar to wash glasses, clean toilets that didn’t routinely overflow, and palatable drinks that weren’t watered down beyond recognition. What’s more, the Mafia reportedly blackmailed the club’s wealthier patrons who wanted to keep their sexuality a secret.

Nonetheless, Stonewall Inn quickly became an important Greenwich Village institution. It was large and relatively cheap to enter. It welcomed drag queens, who received a bitter reception at other gay bars and clubs. It was a nightly home for many runaways and homeless gay youths, who panhandled or shoplifted to afford the entry fee. And it was one of the few—if not the only—gay bar left that allowed dancing.

Raids were still a fact of life, but usually, corrupt cops would tip off Mafia-run bars before they occurred, allowing owners to stash the alcohol (sold without a liquor license) and hide other illegal activities. In fact, the NYPD had stormed Stonewall Inn just a few days before the riot-inducing raid.

In 2016, President Barack Obama designated the site of the riots—Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, and the surrounding streets and sidewalks—a national monument in recognition of the area’s contribution to gay and human rights.

Why am I not surprised that former President Obama would designate an area which was owned by the national crime syndicate as a national monument? How far we have fallen!

Although the LGBTQ123XYZ community, liberal agenda historians, and professors would like us to believe, the bar wasn’t raided because it was a gay hangout. It was raided because it was mafia owned and they served bootlegged alcohol. Which are both illegal no matter what sex or sexual preference you may identify with today.

President Trump has stated multiple times he supports the gay community 100% percent. But the true hard fact is gays are not a race, color, nor religion.  They claim they want all the rights everyone else has, and they have them. But there is no need to identify with what you like to have sex with. This is just another great way the left has to keep us all divided. And we all know the more divided we are, the more the Communists infiltrate and win.

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