WOW! Trump Most Popular Republican Among Black Voters In Nearly 60 Years!!!

Those pushing the narrative that Trump is a divider simply haven’t been paying attention.

Who has he alienated? Illegal immigrants? Radical Muslims? I think he can do without their support.

Even if Trump was divisive – his critics are forgetting how unpopular and universally hated the woman he’s running against is. That fact alone gives him an advantage. And when we look at the data, while candidates like Mitt Romney attracted a pathetic 5% of the black vote, Donald Trump is the most popular Republican among black voters in sixty years.

Via DCWhispers

Donald Trump is doing historically well among both Black and Hispanic voters compared to prior Republican presidential candidates. Presently, Trump enjoys 26% support among Black voters and 37% support among Hispanics.

Not even Ronald Reagan enjoyed those kind of minority-support numbers.

Hopefully these numbers hold until November.
If Hillary thinks that this election is over, she’s in for one hell of a surprise in just a few more months…

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