When Trump Talked About Protecting Cops, The Crowd Went Wild! But Watch DISGUSTING Things Democrats Did

It didn’t take long for democrats to demonstrate childish behavior and show why they continue to lose in every aspect of politics.

Trump spoke one of the greatest speeches we’ve heard in many years during his address to congress.

Trump nailed two things I really liked. He supports police and he paid a long lengthy respect to our lost NAVY SEAL.

Democrats didn’t like it. Not one bit. They sat on their overpriced butts and watched the rest of the standing respectful people have common sense and decency. Not all democrats did this, but the ones who did are clearly the reason that party will continue losing in every way possible. They ARE the swamp.

Trump’s address to congress is the finest delivery Trump has ever given. When it was time to pay respects to the widow of America’s lost NAVY SEAL, Ryan Owen, the entire building erupted in a long standing ovation. It was a moment to honor a fallen soldier and let his wife know they’ve got her back, they’re sorry for her loss, and above all, they thank her for that sacrifice. If you could see a gnat on the wall, the gnat was standing, crying, and clapping.

It was an amazing moment, even to see it on TV.

Until you look at the disgusting democrats who can’t even honor the soldier who died fighting for THEIR freedom.

They sat there like glum little conniving little twits. Serving no purpose other than to be an embarrassment to America. Sitting there, not showing respect, like the useless, pandering, babies their entire party has become.

When Trump mentioned support for the law enforcement, the democrats did the same thing. They could care less about our soldiers. They don’t care about our police. I bet if Trump talked about a murderer like Donna Hylton or that new terrorist, Rasmea Odeh, about to lead the women’s march, then they would stand and cheer. That’s how backward minded the democrats have become.

How do you sit for this? An intense, thoughtful, and touching moment. If this doesn’t make you proud of America and tear up a little bit, then you should probably leave the country. Everyone in America owes their freedom to the soldiers who fight for it. Disrespecting lost soldiers is the lowest form of filth you can find.

The country is outraged at the democrats after they refused to stand for the President during his speech to congress. The President announced that he would defeat ISIS, and even then the Democrats refused to stand. But worst of all, they wouldn’t or would barely stand for the widow of Ryan Owen’s wife. A few sat outright, and others sat back down briefly after clapping.

The country showed in polling after the speech that they disagreed with the disgraceful behavior. 78% of people who watched the speech on CNN, a raging liberal fake news channel, said that the democrats were wrong and the president’s speech was positive and gave them optimism.

The disgraceful Dems didn’t even stand when the president said that he would protect law enforcement.

Here are Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison sitting while Trump was speaking.

Vice President Mike Pence said it best, that no matter what our differences are, we all stand behind our troops.

Democrats prove time and again why they continue to lose and why they will always be losers. If they just “woke up” and watched videos of themselves, then they would see what everyone else sees – adult babies.

If democrats were a fly on the wall, watching other democrats, they would wonder “what’s wrong with those folks?”

If democrats would look at their own actions, from outside their own perspective, they would realize how childish and immature they really are. When you’re 50 and act like you’re 5, then you’re not going to win any elections.

Seeing democrats disrespect a fallen soldier’s wife means the democrats will lose every election people can possibly vote for.

You always salute your soldiers. They give their life for us, the least we can do is show a little bit of respect.

You always respect your law enforcement. They work a job no one else wants.

Unless they do something wrong, then you always have their back.

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