Trump Surprises Immigrants With Special ‘Trick’ Up His Sleeve — Makes Them Wish They Never Messed With America!

Ever since President Trump announced a temporary ban on migrants coming to our country, the butthurt and backlash among liberals across America has been enormous. Protests have been popping up all across the country, with U.S. judges now throwing themselves in the mix, with U.S. District Senior Judge James Robart of Seattle rising up in defiance several days ago to thumb his nose at our president’s Executive Order. But what President Trump could soon enact in the mean time before his Justice Department appeals the court’s rejection of his travel ban will no doubt hurl liberals furious.

Several days ago, U.S. District Senior Judge James Robart issued a nationwide restraining order that blocked the travel ban put into place by President Trump’s executive order. The Justice Department immediately appealed Judge Robar’s restraining order, but until we seen what comes of that, what President Trump is planning for these migrants during the interim will soon have every moonbat liberal in America screaming even louder that that Donald Trump is a racist.

Rather than President Trump waiting on one of these sh*t head unvetted migrants to commit an act of terror on our soil as he awaits the Justice Department’s appeal, the president is now considering tagging these migrants with tracking bracelets in order to monitor anyone thought to pose a risk to our national security.


The idea was originally thought up by the German government, who has now approved of the use of ankle bracelets to monitor and track all the Muslim extremists who are running around rampant in their country in the wake of Angela Merkel’s decision to let over 1 million of these unvetted 6th century barbarians into the country.

This would truly be a brilliant move on President Trump’s part as an awesome way to work around the antics of the left, who continue to assert that these migrants pose no danger to our country.

H/T [Washington Examiner]

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