Trump Puts American Muslims on Notice With BRUTAL Promise After More Terror Attacks Rock Globe

After eight years of Barack Obama’s foreign policy, terrorism is more common than ever.

The Taliban has been their ranks grow sixfold under Obama’s Presidency, al-Qaeda is committing more attacks than ever – and there’s ISIS, the new Jihadis on the block.

Just the past month marked a bloody December, with a handful of ISIS attacks occurring throughout Europe. While Barack Obama denies, misunderstands, and ignores the problem of Islamic terrorism, Trump is stepping up the rhetoric against them.

As Your Nation News reported:

During a recent interview conducted by Stuart Varney, Trump gave his statements on how he would handle people who leave this country to join ISIS. “If they want to go out and fight for ISIS, I think that’s fine, but they are not coming back into this country if I become president.” He also admits that he finds it ‘incredible’ that under the Obama administration, people can leave and fight with this terrorist group and return with no questions asked. He proclaims that this will definitely change under his administration if he becomes president. Continuing the discussion on how Brittan is handling the terror issue, Varney mentions proposals that include closing mosques. Trump says that he would do the same if it looks to be a cover-up for terrorists.

As insane as it sounds, the United Kingdom and Sweden have allowed hundreds of their citizens who left to fight for ISIS to return. What could possibly go wrong?

While the most foreign fighters originate from Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, up to 2,000 are from the United Kingdom (UK), 930 from France, 300 from Sweden, 300 from Belgium and 450 from Germany. How does ANYONE think it’s a good idea to let these people back into Europe? Are we really supposed to believe that terrorists can become disillusioned so easily?

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