HUGE MELEE BREAKS OUT! Trump Rally Attacked By Thugs But Supporters Were Prepared For WAR! (VIDEO)

Huntington Beach California was the scene of one of President Trump’s iconic Make America Great Again rallies today. The crowd blanketed the area with American flags, Blue Lives Matter flags and red MEGA hats.

Unfortunately, their joyful rally attracted an undesirable element as well.

The so-called “anti-fascist” appeared wearing masks and hoods with signs and banners of their own. Little did they know that the Trump supporters had shown up loaded for bear.

This was the scene before the trouble makers made their appearance.

When the thugs showed up, though, the pro-America crowd didn’t back down. The two lines clashed with mostly verbal attacks at first.

But eventually, some of the bullies had to push the envelope and test their theory of whether might makes right.

The protestors may have gotten a little more than they bargained for though when this Captin America lite got through showing them what happens when you crash a Trump rally.

The good news is that the protestors are for not punishing crimes, so I’m sure they won’t even attempt to press charges against Team Trump for defending themselves. Anyway, who would want to re-live getting that bad of a beat down with so many cameras trained on you.

One would hope that the rest of the discontented pseudo-communists who associate themselves with this anti-anarchist group would take the hint and stop showing up acting like hooligans, but what are the chances they are that smart.

Thankfully, until they learn their lesson, it is still legal to defend yourself here in the good old US of A. And we will go on doing so as long as it takes to teach a lesson to the brainwashed and unsettled masses that insist on making idiots of themselves, and our lives harder. There’s a reason they call it truth, justice, and the American way.

(Source: 100 Percent Fed Up)

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