People Are Losing Their Minds Over What Trump Was Just Caught Reading His Granddaughter!

It started as a butt-end joke on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to mock the president (in a hilarious way), Kimmel revealed a mock-children’s book that he had ghostwritten. It was in the form of the beloved Dr. Seuss books, and it starred the one and only Donald Trump!

The book was from back in 2015, but now, The president, who was a good sport on the show, has turned the joke around and taken the book seriously…

Seriously enough that he’s reading it to his 18-month-old granddaughter, Chloe Sophia, and putting a photo out on Twitter via Jr’s Twitter account:

It would seem liberals are not too happy with their joke being turned around on them. But when you punch at Trump, he’s warned already, that he’ll come back 10 times harder!

Watching the video of Kimmel reading it to Trump, we’ve learned that the book uses allegories to poke at much of Trump’s policies that the left find so horrifying – like protecting our sovereign nation – and took it upon himself to address this issue with this line from the book: ‘Now here are some frogs, I do not like at all. We must kick these frogs out, and then build a wall.’

Trump Jr. even left a little tweet to for Kimmel, along with the photo: ‘Thank you @jimmykimmel for the great book. Grandpa @realdonaldtrump is making good use of it!!! #WinnersArentLosers’

The book is actually really funny, as long as you don’t have a stick up your butt…But You know that the left is pissed if the book didn’t offend the President. They were just celebrating the failed attempt at the Paul Ryan health care bill…These lefties want chaos, no matter if it hurts them or not. Well have to wait and see what the next option is, but until then, we can enjoy the small things – like some good old Trump counter-punches, and with that, here’s another counter-punch for the left that I’m sure they’ll need a safe space for!

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