Trump Releases Devastating Hillary Video… This Will Hurt Her Majorly! (VIDEO)

Donald Trump and Hillary have been going head to head for some time now in general election season. The last few weeks have been filled with heated, controversial and vitriolic rhetoric. Trump has focused in on and capitalized off of Clinton’s shortcomings as a leader. Now a campaign created video of his has been shared on the internet and it was viewed over 10,000 time in the first hour!

It was shared 30,000 in three hours as of Monday morning. The video was specfically about Clinton’s many controversies such as the pay for play scheming which is created for the purpose of funneling illegal money to the family Foundation while she was Secretary of State.

On his Facebook page Trump wrote,

“As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton abused her power to get millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, and in return, granted so many favors to the establishment and elites. SO unbelievably corrupt.”

The video was labelled, “Get Rich Quick: Hillary Clinton’s Pay to Play Guide,” which laid out how Clinton abused her power in office through a series of different steps to get what she wanted the most which was power and influence. The rules were labelled as follows. Pretty simple…

“Step 1: Start a Foundation that accepts loads of money from foreign countries and donors.

Step 2: Become Secretary of State.

Step 3: Set up a private email server to cover your tracks.

Step 4: Meet with foreign leaders, with one condition — they donate big bucks to the Foundation.

Step 5: Foreign leaders, dignitaries (really anyone who paid to play) gets special favors from Hillary.

Step 6: Delete any email correspondence on your personal email server.

Step 7: Just in case, destroy devices with a hammer.

Step 8: Pray you don’t get caught.

Step 9: Get caught, cover up, lie … and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie.

Step 10: Run for president!”


Donald Trump is infamous for telling it like it is and he never ceases to take the opportunity to point out someone else’s faults. But this video is perfect because it accurately talks about almost every single controversy that Clinton has had to deal with that proves how unfit she is to run for office.

Many of which include the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, her pay for play scheming, her use of a private email server, her deletion of over 36,000 of those emails, among other things. One of the things he did not even mention was her failed leadership in Benghazi, Libya that led to the death of soldiers and embassy employers.

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