BOOM: Trump Rioters Forget Where They Are, Get Epic Justice Texas-Style


In Austin, Texas, a mob of young people showed up to protest the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. One person was being arrested by police, whom I’m sure had a great reason for taking the kid into custody. The young people surrounded the officers like a freaking pack of wolves. One guy stepped in and shoved an officer and found out the hard way what happens when you do that. He got taken down… hard.

You lay a hand on an officer in Texas and you are going to get slammed to the ground for it. That looked like it didn’t take much on the officer’s part either. After that, the mob started taking videos, but backed up a little. The Left’s answer to elections they don’t like is violence. But in Texas, they don’t suffer fools very well. Especially, liberal ones.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Every state contains its fair share of unemployed teenyboppers, including even the “Lone Star State” of Texas, where a band of such boneheads learned a tough lesson Thursday night about what happens when you choose to act a fool.

The group was in downtown Austin protesting against President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory, as reported by local station KVUE. This was perfectly fine, up until some of the more birdbrained protesters decided to start behaving like idiots.

In an especially telling video posted to Twitter, Austin police officers tried to arrest one such idiot, only to be surrounded by young hooligans hellbent on stopping what they falsely believed was an act of injustice.

Again, there was nothing wrong with protesting. But when one of the protesters shoved a police officer, that was most definitely wrong — and as such, it triggered one amazing response that may be viewed below (WARNING: graphic violence some viewers may find disturbing):

In Portland, Oregon, it was a completely different story. Thousands of protesters took to the streets and it was the same hatred and violence. But this time, the police were hand’s off. One woman made the mistake of having an emergency and driving her car into the crowd. Someone took a baseball bat to her windshield. The police would not come and no one would step in to protect her. The media merely reported on it. Just shameful.

What happened in Texas was in stark contrast to what happened the very same night in Portland. An estimated 4,000 protesters reportedly harassed motorists, “smashed store windows, lit firecrackers and started a dumpster fire” without being stopped by the police. They were allowed to run wild and do as they pleased. I have family in and around Portland. They really should move. Maybe they should relocate to Texas. Just sayin’.

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