WATCH: Anti-Trump Rioters ATTACK White Woman In Car With Baseball Bats!!…NO POLICE IN SIGHT!

This video is what will make you HATE liberals. I don’t care if it’s not nice to hate an entire group of people, but if there’s one group in the world that people should hate, it’s these loser liberal protesting maniac jobless crybaby thug mentality gang violent snowflakes who would get their ass kicked by a real American any day of the week.

What is the point of attacking this woman’s car with bats and smashing her windshield? She wants to get by and go to wherever she’s going. She doesn’t want anything to do with the protest. She wants to leave the area and she can’t. She’s surrounded by weaklings who are only strong together when they’ve got weapons.

This woman should have ran every one of those weaklings over. What does she have to lose besides get a few bumps or dents in her car. At this point, you fear for your life, your vehicle has been attacked, and you should probably put your foot on the pedal as hard as you can.

You cannot feel bad if you run over a protester after they have attacked you. I am pretty sure that it becomes self defense when the protesters attack you first and you’re scared and try to drive away as fast and safely as possible. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in a liberal protester accidentally getting ran over.

Oh well.

Maybe people should shoot the violent liberals and see how they like that. Ah, that’s right. We’re smarter than that. We won’t bother shooting them because we know that breaking a law could lead to arrest, prosecution, and jail time.

Why don’t the liberals know that?

I say f*ck the liberals. If they want war, then let’s give them war. Let’s send these losers back to their safe spaces, college protests, gender identity crisis centers, and 1932 women’s French art classes that won’t get them a real job in our amazing country.

To start things off, we should hand out job applications during the protests. I know these people can’t be employed. Who the heck would hire these clowns?

These liberals are terrorists and they need to be stopped.

Here’s another video of where the “peaceful protesters” ripped the American flag away from a man’s jeep, spray painted it, and smashed on it.

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