Trump Is Running Around Like Crazy After Hearing What Happened In Ohio Minutes Ago!

The b*tch is going down. Down, down, down.

Donald Trump has now opened up a five-point lead over Hillary in Ohio, according to a new Bloomberg poll that was released on Wednesday.

Trump is beating Clinton 44% to 39%.

This is huge. Only 3 President’s have ever lost Ohio and won the election. Those presidents were Grover Cleveland, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John Kennedy.


The numbers are up because Hillary’s mask is getting ripped off. Last Friday night she called Trump supporter’s a “basket of deplorables.”

The reason that Trump is winning is because he works harder than Hillary Clinton. Here he is in Flint, Michigan today to tour the water treatment plant.

God bless Trump. He is going to make America great again. God bless him. Give him a God bless in the comments. Share this everywhere!

Wait a minute.

There’s another poll coming in. According to the Denver Post, Donald Trump is up 2 points in Colorado. That’s another swing state! He is now beating her by 43% to 41%.

The liberals can’t even twist the polls to show how much Trump is winning.

Share the great news on Facebook with every Trump voter you know. Share it in all the Trump groups and Trump chats. We are gonna be in that White House soon.

via Liberty Writers

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