Trump Rushes To Melania’s Side After Getting Shocking News That Just Forced Him To Drop Everything

Trump Just Rushed To Melania's Side After Getting Shocking News That Forced Him To Drop Everything

President Trump and First Lady Melania have been living apart in different states, as she stayed back in New York with their son so he could finish school. Trump has been working at a breakneck pace to get the country back on track but dropped everything to fly to Florida and be by his wife’s side after receiving news that changed everything.

After first announcing this week that she and 10-year-old Barron might never make the move in the White House as they originally planned on for this summer, out of concern for what was in the boy’s best interest, Melania changed course the following day. She announced that she was assembling her team, making it official that the move was back on since after much consideration, it was better to be together as a family and embrace that change. Now, the first family just got more news that has brought the two of them together at their “winter White House” in Florida — the Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago resort.

Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage isn’t like the former First Couple, mostly because Melania prefers to be a mother and wife rather than the domineering partner in the relationship to get media attention on herself like Michelle did. Despite being the First Lady, she remains largely out of the limelight as she quietly tends to her responsibilities in this role as well as her family. Just as many spouses miss their significant other after weeks apart, Melania is the same and finally got a much needed weekend away with her husband, likely celebrating his successful first two weeks in office.

The start of Trump’s presidency was marked by a record number of necessary executive orders to catapult the country into the change he promised to deliver. This was met with outrage and rioting from the left who can’t handle his assertiveness for America, but despite all the rioting, protest, and tears, Trump got a call that proves these people aren’t the majority.


The mainstream media is making our leader out to be a failure before he even finished his first month. Not surprisingly, that’s just more “fake news” from them as the truth is, he reach record high approval ratings which he just heard about before taking off to see his wife who he hadn’t seen since he was sworn into office. It’s the perfect insult to leftist injury and makes his time away from his wife and son not in vain.

President Trump has been working hard around the clock and has even said that he’s using his this time away from his family to work later hours, rather than relax after a long day. Regardless of what anyone says, Trump is an excellent leader in his family and of our country. He deserves this brief weekend break and even did it on his own dime as he went to a place he owns that isn’t costing the taxpayers extra. That’s just another campaign promise he kept and reason his approval ratings are through the roof.

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