BREAKING: Trump Just Followed Through On Campaign Promise, Sanctuary Cities Could Go Bankrupt!

Donald Trump promised this country he would conduct his work as President like he would his business. And as everyone knows, he is a successful businessman. He is following through on his promises finally. Just this week the President released his budget blueprint for the next fiscal year.

The President has officially asked the House of Representatives to slash $210 million in federal reimbursements to individual states that have sanctuary cities. In other words, cities that refuse to comply with immigration authorities and policies and harbor illegal immigrants.

The President has called for numerous cutbacks in the budget in response to the awfully large deficit we have been running. Which has played a role in why he is looking to cut smaller agencies and organizations that don’t serve as great of a purpose.

These are cities who are holding people who came here illegally and refusing to send them over to the authorities. The administration feels these are poorly targeted programs because federal money goes towards paying for incarcerated individuals who are criminal illegal aliens. Obviously, this is a problem because it means American taxpayers are paying for housing illegal aliens who don’t belong here.

The money isn’t awarded by the Department of Justice. They very well could potentially pay for staffing and other purposes at the local police and sheriffs departments. Donald Trump is using federal funding to get cities to comply with the rule of law. Who can blame him?

These sanctuary cities are so used to being able to get away with everything since they lived under the Obama administration. Now they can’t fathom what reality is really like now that Donald Trump has taken office. But the reality is that illegal immigration will no longer be incentivized by the White House and people better get used to it or get over it. Because it is not changing anytime soon.

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