HE JUST DID IT! Trump Just Delivered The Most EPIC Justice To Freeloading Sanctuary Cities!

A House chairman told those despicable sanctuary cities that funding for police, jails and public housing are about to be abolished. President Trump signed executive orders that tighten the grip on immigration and minimizing funding or cutting funding entirely, to cities who harbor illegal immigrant criminals is going to happen.

When a city doesn’t comply with federal laws that require authorities to report illegal immigrant criminals, then the city doesn’t deserve to receive national funding.

There’s no way around it and the sickening democrat mayors, like Mayor Rahm in Chicago and Mayor Kenney in Philly, better step up or their city will falter. Chicago is already in shambles with some of the worst murder rates in the country. Philly will end up like that if they don’t get a real mayor soon.

If you live in a sanctuary city and your mayor doesn’t follow the laws, then prepare for budget cuts. This could lead to higher taxes for the hard working citizens. It won’t affect the illegals because they’re not paying taxes anyway. What do they care?

This funding cut targets cities who chose to keep CRIMINALS in their city. You have to ask your mayor why they’re keeping law breakers in town. Wouldn’t your city be nicer with fewer people breaking the law?


The House chairman who oversees Justice Department spending is telling so-called “sanctuary cities” that funding for police, jails and housing will end under President Trump’s new executive orders tightening immigration control.

“It’s real easy, their money disappears. There’s no fight, their money is gone,” said Texas Rep. John Culberson, chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that funds Justice.

Culberson last year forced the Obama administration to warn several sanctuary cities and jurisdictions about the funding cut off. In an interview for Sunday’s Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson, he said that Trump’s new order covers all 300 of the sanctuaries.

“They are in violation of federal law because federal law requires state and local jurisdictions can’t interfere in any way with sharing information about criminal illegal aliens in their custody; in any way means you must cooperate 100 percent of the time — 99 out of 100 of sharing information is not enough,” he told the news magazine show.


Obama sent warnings. Trump sent warnings. Now it’s going to happen. Governor Abbott in Texas already cut funding to Austin on his own. Think they’re playing around? Nope! Prepare to lose a big part of your budget if your mayor fails to follow the federal laws.

Serious question folks. Put your thinking caps on for this. Why WOULDN’T you report illegal immigrants who are criminals?

If your city wastes money housing and policing them, then that’s city funding that’s being stolen from your tax paying residents.

Why do democrat mayors allow their residents to be robbed?

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