Trump Sending a POWERFUL Message At His Inauguration And Not Inviting Any of These People! Do You Agree?

Headlines have been made over who President Elect Donald Trump will ask to perform at his inauguration. There were rumors and allegations that A list Hollywood celebrities were turning him down left and right. People such as John Legend, Celine Dion, and Garth Brooks. However, they have been able to reserve Jackie Evancho, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Perhaps undoubtedly less well known and famous but equally if not more talented. The Demcorat’s have really taken the corner when it comes to celebrity endorsement. Ensuring they invite these people to the White House to secure their endorsement in the hopes they will gain support from these celebrities fan base. But Trump is not doing that.

The likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Ellen Degeneres threw there support behind democratic nominee Hillary Clinton but even that hail mary did not work. By not having A list celebrities at his celebration of the inauguration Trump is making something inordinately clear. He does not need them.

He gained 270 electoral votes all on his own without pandering or postulating to and with A list celebrities. He ran a tough campaign all on his own without the help of Hollywood. President Elect Trump is also sending a clear message he is willing to give a voice to singers and musicians are remain burgeoning talent who have not yet really gained the fame that others gave. Which speaks to his philosophy of finding good talent and growing and developing it. Which he also promised to do with the United States.

This issue over celebrity musicians speaks to a greater issue in the United States. The ridiculous favor we give celebrities and the power we gain by not giving them more attention. How once we take that attention and put it elsewhere we could begin to see talent emerge that never had before.

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