TRUMP SETS RECORD At XFINITY Arena – 10,000 Plus In Attendance! Hillary still MISSING!

The attendance that Hillary Clinton’s rallies draws truly is a reflection behind the lack of enthusiasm behind her campaign. Those in the “Bernie or Bust” crowd that are voting for her are doing so reluctantly, or out of spite of Donald Trump. Maybe are themselves defecting for Trump, or wasting their vote on a third party.

Donald Trump, by contrast, has attendance so high that people often have to be turned away. The difference between his supporters and Hillary’s supporters is that his supporters actually want to vote for them. They’re not picking a candidate simply because they’re choosing what they believe to be the lesser of two evils. Fortunately for us, we realize that Donald Trump is hardly evil – but the same can’t be said about crooked Hillary.

Just yesterday, Donald Trump set the attendance record at the Xfinity area in Everett, Washington, with an attendance of over 10,000. Over 13,000 tickets were distributed by Sunday night.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

Meanwhile, the media has to lie about the crowds that Hillary attracts. Take a speech that Hillary gave where billionaire Warren Buffet joined her on stage. Washington Post “journalist” Abby D. Philip posted a photo of the “boisterous crowd”….. of fifty people.

Despite what the polls tell you, it’s clear who the American people really want to be President, and as long as none of us are lazy November 8th, we should know what to expect.

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