Trump Shows Up In Selma And The MOST INCREDIBLE Thing Happened!

North Carolina – Donald Trump showed up to a PACKED Selma crowd ready to make America great again. Sometimes the messy mainstream media tries to hide the crowds that Donald Trump speaks to, trying to give us the impression that Trump has no support from the American people.

But it’s quite the opposite. Everywhere Trump travels, there’s tons of people ready to rock and roll with the red head GOP nominee for POTUS.

Take a look at this video from the Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina.

Then you see a Hillary Clinton rally and she can’t fill a small venue. You’ll see more people at a pointless WNBA game than you’ll see at a Clinton rally.

Ok, maybe that’s a toss up. Not many people like either.

When Donald Trump goes on live Facebook feeds, you can see his viewers are in the double digit thousands and there’s tons of likes and happy faces floating across the screen like some parade of emotions.

When Hillary Clinton goes live you see mostly sad/mad faces floating on the screen, viewership a LOT lower than most of Trump’s broadcasts, and the commentary is just ridiculous.

Another way to compare Trump and Clinton’s popularity is to look around your neighborhood. I only see Hillary Clinton signs on major roads, placed by her campaign, many of which are not even in intelligent locations.

I see Trump signs on people’s personal property. I have not once found a homeowner who was happy enough to place a Clinton sign on their lawn. But I see Trump signs in almost every neighborhood.

Trump’s support is real.

He has sellout size crowds like he’s the headline act of a huge concert.

He’s crushing social media.

He has people proud enough to post his name on their personal property.

If Trump loses the election, it’s going to be hard to understand how he lost when his support overwhelms that of Hillary Clinton.

Some people say elections are decided before the votes and documents are floating around that were hacked or leaked.

November 8th will be one of the most insane spectacles of our time.

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