TRUMP SLAMS JEB! after revelation that audience challenger was his INTERN!


From Right Scoop: We always suspect that campaigns send their supporters as audience plants to challenge their political competitors, but there’s few times when there’s this much evidence showing it might have happened.


Here’s the video of the screeching woman which we posted earlier:

But now it turns out that fiesty redhead was a Jeb intern and they’ve been caught red-handed!!

The Conservative Tree House has ferreted her out as Lauren Batcheldor, who quickly shut down her Twitter account soon afterward. But here are sections from her LinkedIn account:

lauren batcheldor 2

lauren batcheldor 1

Yep. Unless she has a nutty left-wing twin who happens to also hate Jebby, I’d say that’s pretty conclusive.

lauren batcheldor jeb bush

Now that doesn’t mean she was sent out by the JEB! campaign, she might have, stupidly, thought up the idea herself. But given the clear and obvious motivation for el Jeb to have done such a thing, I think most would not be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Definitely not from el Trumpo anyway:


BUT what if the plant was someone hired by el Trumpo to look like Jeb’s intern?!? Double-plant!!!! Just kidding, Jeb is escrewed.

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