TRUMP SLAYS OBAMA: First Time Ever President Endorsed Candidate Under Criminal Investigation [VIDEO]

Trump spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference in Washington DC on Friday. In his speech he utterly slays Obama, chiding him for being the first president to endorse a candidate under criminal investigation.

Trump went after Hillary, too. Speaking to the audience he said:

“Hillary Clinton has jeopardized, totally jeopardized national security by putting her e-mails on a private server, all to hide her corrupt dealings. This is the reason she did it, folks! It’s to hide her corrupt dealings! She’s now under criminal investigation — that was announced yesterday by the White House. I mean, it’s a criminal investigation! First time ever, by the way, a president of the United States endorsed somebody under criminal investigation… interesting.”

Trump continued:

“She even appointed to the national security board someone with no national security experience, instead, he was a donor… a recent donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and also gave as much as $250,000 to his [sic] foundation”

Here’s hoping Hillary’s in prison by November… Even better if Obama joins her!

obama-and-hillary-in-prison 2

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