Trump Receives Standing Ovation At Detroit Black Church, Then He Floored Them [VIDEO]

Amidst cries of racism, Trump is just charging forward. Much to Hillary Clinton’s horror, Trump received a standing ovation at a Detroit black church. But that isn’t what everyone is talking about. When Trump finished speaking, he stood there and took in the wonderful sounds of the choir and even engaged in a little toe-tapping and swaying with the music.

These are people that seemed to really love and enjoy Donald Trump. They didn’t treat him as if he was pandering for votes or looking for a photo-op. When he closed his speech with a quote from the Bible, the congregation came to their feet and gave him a thunderous round of applause.

Overall, I would say Trump’s appearance in Detroit was a huge success in many ways. This was a different side of Donald Trump… not the aggressive, loud entertainer. Instead he was subdued and gently spoke with Americans who wanted someone to actually listen to their concerns. There’s a big difference between a candidate that does all the talking and one who actually listens and is empathetic with the voting public.

If Trump can win over the black community or even part of it, he will give Clinton the run of a lifetime and may in fact, beat her. Hillary knows she will be in a lot of trouble if Trump is able to sway the black vote. Democrats have lied to the black community for decades and have dominated their vote through manipulation and falsehoods. It’s time that was rectified.

Since 1984, Republicans have never gotten more than 12% of the black vote. Perhaps this time, Trump can change that scenario. It is the only thing that has kept the left in power for as long as they have been there… that and the unions.

Clinton is in trouble right now because of old videos showing her calling blacks super-predators and not-so-old videos showing her arrogantly dismissing Black Lives Matter members. No one likes her… she just oozes evil. And trust me when I say she is a stone cold racist. Not to mention her connection to her old mentor, Senator Byrd, who belonged to the KKK at one time.

It is small wonder that Trump is enthusiastic about his chances of winning the presidency. It looks like he is popular in Detroit and that populism has brought him a long, long way.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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