Trump Supporter Gets BRUTAL Revenge On Bar Who Refused To Serve Him With What Just Showed Up!

Whether you love him or you hate him, there’s no doubt that President Donald Trump brings up a plethora of emotions in people. From his surprising leap to the head of the republican pack to eventually winning the general election in November, there has been no end to the emotional roller coaster that he has caused.

This has been true in personal relationships as well as business. Liberals boycotting businesses with Trump signs and conservatives boycotting places that showed support for Hillary. However, now that the election has passed, there doesn’t seem to be any sense of closure for the American people.

Such is the case for Greg Piatec, an accountant who says that his Make America Great Again hat from the Trump campaign got him kicked out of a bar.

Via New York Post:

“Greg Piatek, 30, an accountant from Philadelphia, claims he was snubbed and eventually 86’d by workeres at The Happiest Hour on West 10th Street over his onservative fashion statement, popularized by Donald Trump on the campaign trail, he told The Post.

“Anyone who supports Trump — or believes what you believe — is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” Piatek claims he was told as he was shown the door by a manager.”

Piatec and two of her friends were in New York to visit the 9/11 memorial when he noticed the unusual treatment. Apparently, the two friends were served with no problem, but he was singled out. He was asked if his hat was a joke after he tried to order a drink refill.

The “flustered” bartender eventually got them a second round but allegedly slammed the drinks down. But an employee did tell him “I can’t believe you would support someone so terrible and you must be as terrible a person!” Piatek claimed.

Another bartender was equally rude:

“I wasn’t even trying to order a drink and she said, ‘Don’t even try to order from me. I won’t get you a drink,’ ” Piatek alleged.“Immediately it clicked,” Piatek said, adding that bartenders didn’t see the pro-Trump slogan until he turned his back to the bar. “Ignoring me because I’m wearing the hat is ridiculous,” Piatek said. “It’s really sad.”

A manager said he spoke to the bar owner and was told, “Anyone who supports Trump or believes what you believe is not welcome here. And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” according to the suit. The bar owner Jon Neidich did not respond to calls. A manager at the bar refused to comment.

Apparently, in America, you have to work as a vendor for a type of wedding that you don’t even believe should exist, but if you support the President in any kind of visual way, you’ll be refused service at a place of business in one of our countries “greatest cities.”

(Source: New York Post)

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