Trump Supporter Saves A Baby And CNN Does This To His Shirt!

Newsflash: media bias was real.

It’s not just your perception that should lead you to believe that. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s only one major news channel that has a center-right point of view (FOX), and the rest are a vast wasteland of liberal nonsense.

Studies confirm your perception: the media is far left. In the movie City Slickers, one character jokes “we have two kinds of music around here, country, and western.” In the case of the media, they have two kinds of politics – liberal, and progressive. UCLA political scientist Tim Groseclose published an entire study on the matter (which you can read here) and aside from FOX News and the Wall Street Journal’s editorial section (and ONLY their editorial section), there are no major media outlets with a center-right tilt.

If you want to see media bias on full display, look no further than reporting on the Donald Trump campaign. While they could be reporting on Hillary Clinton’s endless list of scandals, they’d rather focus on bogus claims of racism. Apparently doing something like enforcing the nation’s immigration laws qualifies someone as a “racist” nowadays – even though we’ve had Democrat Presidents in the past who’ve wished to do the same. I guess it’s only racist when Republicans want to do it.

A center-left media bias is to be expected, but sometimes it’s on display to explicitly that it’s almost comical – and such was the case on CNN today. Following the story breaking of a retired NJ police officer saving a four-month old baby left at a car in a shopping center, he was incited on CNN. He decided to wear a Donald Trump t-shirt, but you wouldn’t know that watching.

Via Red State Watcher

The Clinton News Network just censored a Trump T-shirt wearing hero who saved a baby from a hot car.

And yes, it’s real. You can watch the video yourself below:

Real nice guys. You really don’t want the public to believe that any good person would ever dare vote for Donald Trump, do you?

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