Trump Supporter Want An Apology From CNN For ENDANGERING The Lives Of Trump Supporters

There’s been plenty of violence this election, but it’s been entirely in one direction. While liberals blast Trump for his rhetoric, it isn’t his supporters actually causing violence: it’s their opponents.

Politicla activist Cory Gordon is calling out CNN for the violence. Why? Because they’re the ones constantly demonizing Trump supporters as uneducated white supremacists, ignorant, violent, etc. They’ve made the same characterizations of Trump.

And guess what? Their viewers believe it, and to them, has justified violence against Trump’s supporters. There’s video footage of Trump supporters being beaten, robbed, hit with rocks, hit with eggs, and have their property vandalized. Where was the equivalent against Bernie and Hillary supporters at their rallies? It doesn’t exist.

Watch below:

Via Red State Watcher

As you can tell by his appearance, Gordon is anything but a white supremacist.

What do you think? The media controls the narrative – and they’ve been pushing a bogus narrative about Trump and his supporters. It is hilarious to note however, that they’ll blast Trump as extreme and talk about how they wish he was more mellow like Mitt Romney or John McCain – when they race baited during their candidacies as well.

There’s a reason CNN has been known as the “Clinton News Network”…. for two decades now. Think we’ll hear an apology from them anytime soon? I’ll keep my fingers crossed – but I won’t get my hopes up.

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