After Trump Supporters Drop BOMBSHELL On CNN, All Hell Breaks Loose! (VIDEO)

The liberal media hounded Trump after he referred to someone in the audience as his “African-American.” In other words, he was attacked by using the politically correct term – isn’t that what the crazies on the Left want?

CNN decided to assemble a panel of African-Americans to discuss the comments – and unbeknownst to them, there was a Trump supporter among them.

Via Conservative Tribune

As you could probably guess, thinks got very tense very quickly when Pastor Darrell Scott proceeded to defend Trump’s remark, calling it a “term of endearment.”

CNN’s own Tara Setmayer shot back, saying this was just plain wrong and that it was proof Trump was racist and bringing racial politics into the campaign. That’s when things really went downhill.

“You’re trying to act like you’re not aware of the racial climate in America! … The only reason I stand out as a Trump supporter is because I’m black!” yelled Scott.

He was absolutely correct. Liberals claim to be for equality, but they treat African-American Trump supporters (and Hispanic Trump supporters for that matter) has abominations who need to be squashed from existence.

“You find me an aberration because I’m black and I support Trump!” concluded Scott.

To liberals, blacks who don’t toe the party line are treated as outcasts. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.

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