Trump Supporters Vindicate Pence, Disrupted and TRIGGERED Chicago Hamilton Cast, Makes Actors Cry!

Many people were upset after the cast of Hamilton publicly castigated the Vice President Elect and told him they feared a Trump administration because they felt it would not be inclusive. After this incident, a Donald Trump supporter interrupted a Hamilton show in Chicago!

A Donald Trump supporter allegedly yelled from the balcony,

“We won, you lost, get the fuck over it.”

Someone went onto social media who was attending the show and said that it drove the cast to tears but that they did not once break character because of the outburst.


When Pence was initially called out in front of the entire audience the audience responded with clapping and cheers. But he did stay and listen to what they had to say. When Dixon spoke, the man lecturing Pence, he told people to stop booing. Pence did not have a response at the time but he alter appeared on Fox News and commented on the incident giving his reaction to the entire ordeal. Watch here.

Funny enough, the person who posted to Twitter about the outburst during the play by the Trump supporter was basically trying to insinuate that Trump supporters were sore winners. Yet it was the Hamilton cast and audience in New York City that was the sore loser for trying to embarrass Vice President Elect Pence.

Once again we see liberal hypocrisy and one of the worst double standards out their. But liberals have definitely gained the corner on that market. None of this drama would be happening if the cast of Hamilton had just minded their business in the first place and not inserted their political opinions into their work.

Anywhere else someone would be fired over something like that. I have no doubt that people will protest their play as a result of their actions.

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