Starbucks Just told Trump Supporters To BLOW OFF, and DID The Unthinkable for Muslim Migrants!

Liberals continue to lose their minds over President Trump’s recent migrant ban, spouting off that our new president is a racist Islamophobic bigot, despite his true intentions with just wanting to keep American safe. Now Starbucks as chiming in on the issue, and if the company’s recent anti-gun antics wasn’t enough to make you stop buying their overpriced crap, the sickening stance they just took against President Trump while screwing over all of America surely will.

It’s amazing how liberals who run companies think that people actually give a flying crap about their opinions, as evidenced by Target who took a stance on the whole trans-gender bathroom debacle, hilariously losing billions with their stocks as Conservatives around the nation boycotted them. But apparently that wasn’t enough of a lesson to keep liberals from keeping their traps shut, and in move steeped in complete lunacy, the CEO of Starbucks is now vowing to employ 10,000 refugees at his Starbucks chains around the country, as a way to give President Trump the big middle finger.

CEO Howard Schultz laid out the details of his employment initiative, vowing to do “everything possible” to hire refugees, beginning in the United States. Not only does Schultz’s scheme flip off our president, but it’s a brash move against all of America since now these jobs will be given to migrants instead of American workers.


This isn’t the first time that Schultz has showed the word his vile left-leaning ass, while hurling his company into the center of national controversy. He went ape sh*t on gun rights back in 2013, where he told customers to stop bringing guns into his stores. He was also behind the disgusting 2016 holiday cup design, that subtly labeled Trump supporters as decisive components of American society, while publicly praising Hillary Clinton as her number #1 fan boy.

This liberal company stands for everything that Conservatives despise, and it’s time to us to rise up and show these asshats that enough is enough. It’s time to boycott, and teach these liberals that if they want to play politics with their products, we can easily fight back by boycotting their establishment and hitting them right where it hurts, which is in their pocketbooks.

Starbucks has one job to do, and was a fairly simple one. Make good-tasting coffee, and do it quickly so we don’t have to wait in a long freaking line. But for some incredible reason, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thinks all Americans should be propagandized with his leftist rhetoric, while they’re sipping on his overpriced crap.

H/T [Daily Caller]

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