Trump Saves HUGE Surprise For Last With Who He Brought All The Way To Saudi And Just Showed Up On Stage!

The left loves to hate President Trump as we all know. The mainstream media is constantly attacking Trump for everything he does no matter what it is. I mean the man could cure cancer tomorrow and they would find something wrong with that. A great example of that is President Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia over this weekend. After years of a strained relationship with Barack Hussein Obama, Trump is attempting to repair it, and hopefully, move forward. However, there was one surprise that President Trump brought to the middle eastern country that no one saw coming and it is awesome.

President Trump brought a whole host of people to join him in the two-day celebration in Saudi Arabia. Not only did Trump bring First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, but also someone else. Country music star Toby Keith also made the trek to the middle east and performed some of his hit songs. What a HUGE surprise for so many on the left, right?

Keith who is a vocal Trump supporter is a fan favorite for his patriotic flair and fun songs. Toby Keith often plays for our troops overseas and often gives the middle to our enemies such as ISIS. While some may see this as a strange person to invite to the middle east, I think it is fantastic. However, Keith did not perform alone and shared the stage with Saudi singer Rabeh Sager, according to an advertisement circulated online. The advertisement reads “An Arabian lute and American guitar unite in a star-studded night,”

The concert is a way to hopefully bridge the gap and unite two cultures to fight violent extremism. This is what Western Journalism had to say about this unprecedented concert.

Saudi Arabia created a website containing information about the upcoming summit as well as a clock that literally counts the seconds until the beginning of the summit.

“United under a single vision – Together We Prevail – this highly anticipated event, the first of its kind in history, will renew our mutual commitment to global security and further strengthen already deep business, cultural and political ties,” the website says.

“As we bring the world together to confront violent extremist ideology, so too are we working in partnership with our American and Islamic allies to improve the lives of our people and strengthen our collective economies.”

According to the website, success will be achieved through “tolerance,” “partnership” and “a shared vision for the future.”

In an article written for the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat, writer Ziad al-Drees explained the real reason for the president’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

“President Trump will not come to Riyadh because he loves us. The Gulf and Muslim leaders will not come to Riyadh because they love him,” al-Drees wrote.

“The common interests of these international leaders are what bring them together in Riyadh,” he added.

Here are some clips from this interesting performance.

Sadly, though not everyone was able to see the show since it was only for males.

Here is more from Daily Mail:

The duo will perform for an audience made up only of men who should be above 21 and dressed in traditional Saudi thawb tunics. Access is free of charge.

Saudi Arabia – which enforces a strict interpretation of Islam that includes a total prohibition of alcohol and a separation of men and women – is an unlikely destination for Keith, who packs arenas in the heartland of the United States.

The kingdom has recently loosened the reins on entertainment, including allowing musical concerts that had been banned for the past two decades.

Keith, usually clad in a cowboy hat, has a long list of songs exploring the cathartic effects of alcohol including ‘I Love This Bar,’ ‘Whiskey Girl,’ ‘Get Drunk and Be Somebody,’ ‘Drinks After Work’ and ‘Drunk Americans.’

I know that the left is already attacking Donald Trump and Toby Keith over this, but maybe it will help relations with the country. Keith is a proud American and is a HUGE supporter of President Trump who is extremely patriotic and loves freedom. Maybe some people do not understand why Trump chose Keith, but I can see why for sure. Music can be a cultural uniter and open the door to more communication. This could bring the countries together and hopefully we can work together as a team to defeat terrorist threats.

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