As World Leaders Praised Trump For Saving Syrian Children The NASTY Slobs On ‘The View’ Said This About Him

After the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria President Trump made it very clear he would not let the attack go unnoticed. The weapons attack led to the death of over one hundred people most of which were adolescent children. In retaliation and to send a message to the regime of Bashar al-Assad the President launched over fifty Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian military base. Now he’s being attacked by progressives on a stupid talk show over his leadership.

Despite the fact that Democrats and Republicans alike praised the President for taking swift action the co-hosts of the View criticized him for his actions. One host, Sunny Hostin, maintained that he should not have done anything without Congressional approval. She named the War Powers Act of 1973 as a precedent for Presidents being forbidden from taking military action without congressional approval.

She said,

In 2001, after 9/11, certainly, it was broadened, those powers were broadened, but only to the extent that the national interest — basically that there would be a direct attack on the United States. I think it showed a dictator. I think it showed someone that was willing to unilaterally act without Congress. We’ve got to be very careful with that, because what is his plan?”

Watch below,

Hostin isn’t the only member of the View who has taken aim a Trump. So has Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to name a few. Trump bashing seems to be a pastime for the members of this talk show. They are the only ones complaining about the President taking actions. Even Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Chuck Schumer supported his action.

They would find issue with whatever he does. Had he done nothing they would still be castigating him. The President did the right thing and there is no question about that. What the President did was stand up for the people of Syria when their own government would not.

The Syrian people have an advocate in the United States and the President showed the world we will not stand silently by while this human rights travesty takes place. There is no better ally to have than the United States and our government and military.

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